Weyburn Community Dog Park

Located on Highway 13 / First Ave NW at Aylmer Street, along the side of the Tatagwa Trail and across from the Tatagwa View facility is the Weyburn Community Dog Park.

The dog park provides just under 3 acres of off leash area   where dogs can run and have fun!
The park's perimeter is fenced with 8 foot page wire and large wooden corner posts.  There are two separate areas, one for small dogs and one for the larger dogs.  A fenced staging area is available where you can remove the leashes before entering the park's off leash area
The Dog Park will create many community benefits by:
  • enabling dogs to legally run off-leash
  • socializing and exercising dogs in a safe environment
  • promoting responsible pet ownership
  • promoting public health and safety
  • providing a great place for owners to meet others and make new friends
  • provides a great place for the elderly and disabled to exercise their dogs       
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We are looking for your photos of the dog park. If you have taken any photos that you would like to see posted to this website, please email photos@weyburncommunitydogpark.ca 

*You must be the owner of the photo and you agree that the Weyburn Community Dog Park has the right to use the photo for any purpose.


Please review the rules of the dog park

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