About Us

We are a small group of dog owners who met at local dog obedience classes or agility classes and discussed the need for a safe place for our dogs to run and have fun. We met as a group of about 12 in 2009 to see what we could do to get an Off Leash Dog Park in Weyburn. Most other cities our size have one or several off leash areas for dogs to run. So we formed a committee and had several meetings to get things rolling. We are a registered non-profit group called Weyburn Community Dog Park. We investigated various green  areas in the city to see if we could find a suitable location for an off leash park and found several areas that would work. We then took a proposal of what we were looking for to a City of Weyburn council meeting with 3 proposed locations and city council viewed our proposal very favorably. The City of Weyburn supported our ideas and in 2010 the City of Weyburn provided about 2.8 acres of land off Alymer Street and along the Tatagwa trail for an off leash dog park. The Weyburn Community Dog Park Committee has been  busy fundraising for past year and has raised enough funds to erect the fence. October 2011 had been a busy month, several work days were spent installing the corner and line posts and then on October 11 a crew of about 20 volunteers erected the perimeter fencing. The park provides separate areas for large and small dogs as well as a fenced and gated staging area for owners to safely leash and unleash their dogs.

Although the fence is up there are still many items required to get the park equipped and ensure safety for dogs and owners as well as cover the ongoing operating expenses. We are currently trying to raise additional funds. We are always in need of more volunteer members to help with the dog park and some new and fresh ideas; you are more than welcome to attend our monthly meetings.

We plan to have a grand opening when all the areas are complete.

Watch for the grand opening dates. Thanks to all who have supported the project to this point.

If you would like more information about the off leash park or to make a donation please call 842-3741 or ken.fleming@sasktel.net

Or mail to

Weyburn Community Dog Park

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Weyburn Sask.

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